Why write a blog?

I’m not sure why as I don’t expect anyone to ever read this or know who I am. But I have an urge to write this and since I started writing I felt the glimmer of calm for the first time in a while. It may be coincidental or something more profound but who knows.

I’m a very private person and some would call me secretive and the anonymous nature of the blog allows me to relieve the maelstrom of thoughts in my head. I guess it’s a form of therapy and I will see where the journey takes me.

Blessed be.

3 thoughts on “Why write a blog?

    1. I agree, my head is full of random stuff and I think it helps to get it out. I think my blog will just be a fountain of random thoughts that no one may be interested in but they are out of my head! Thank you for taking the time to reply.

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