A New Dawn

I am finally coming out of the depression that has affected me over the last few weeks. The fog has lifted, the feeling of worthlessness has gone and the unbearable tiredness and sadness has drifted away.

A new dawn has arrived, I know the depression and anxiety will be back but I will enjoy the light to the best of my ability whilst it is here and try to be the best person I can be.

Blessed Be.

A New Dawn

3 thoughts on “A New Dawn

  1. The highs and lows of our roller coaster lives. I think we all have our happy times and our sad times. Most of us have depression in our lives – some experience it more than others. I strive to be happy even through adversity, but I do have my moments of depression in private.

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      1. It is always good to write your problems on paper – whether a journal or a blog. It does help. When I get depressed, I listen to music that I like – doing something you enjoy truly helps. You have a very nice blog.

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