Am I an alcoholic? I think not as I don’t crave drink but my wife thinks I am. In any event I’ve learnt from painful experience that I have a serious drink problem, however, it is defined.

Like many men I used drink as a crutch to help me get over life’s problems. After a bottle of wine it felt to me my problems had passed.

I learnt at painful cost that this was never the case and all I was doing to masking the issue for a few hours, Then I found I had to drink more and more to make the pain go away to the point where I was almost always drunk. I started to neglect the ones I love but they stood by me and with their help I recovered.

I now haven’t had a drink for years and I feel so lucky to have been given a second chance and for the love and support I received.

We all need support and I hope I give it back.

Blessed Be.

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