I live in the UK and I am one of the many who voted to remain in the EU. But I am one of those who now just says “get it done”. This never ending purgatory of delay and endless obfuscating needs to end.

The UK politicians and press just seem to act like it’s all a political game where points can be scored. In real life I do not encounter people like this and wonder how on earth parliament can be full of them. I think if they left their Westminster bubble a bit more they may like to ask what do ordinary people (a patronising term politicians use) think of the whole debacle.

I look back fondly to the days when decisions could be made and things actually achieved. One day I hope sense will prevail and adults may actually be back in charge.

Apologies for the rant!

Blessed Be.

4 thoughts on “Brexit

  1. I think that those MPs that actually care about other people are trying to stop Brexit because it will do irreparable harm to the economy and to ordinary people’s lives.

    There are some who are in it just to line their own pockets but they’re the ones pushing for the hardest of hard Brexits, and/or for no deal.

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  2. Ah politicians – they are a breed of their own. Here in American I think of our leaders as a bunch of squabbling children who never solve problems and never listen to the common people. Such a world we live in!

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