Old Gods Vs Almighty God

Firstly, I’ll lay my cards on the table, I have belief and faith in the Old Gods. Whenever I’ve been to a traditional church I’ve never felt the presence of an Almighty God in the same way that many do. When, however, I pray and honour the Old Gods I do feel such a presence.

This is my perception and I do not belittle anyone else views. Everyone is entitled to have faith in any God that speaks to them and in fact choose to have no faith at all.

I think there is an argument that we are all praying to the same holistic God albeit that some of us honour and worship part of God that speaks to us.

In essence I think having faith is key as it gives us hope that there is someone standing by our shoulder guiding us and telling us that it will be ok.

I feel that with the Old Gods and I revere and worship them but others will feel that with the Almighty God and I am joyful that they do.

Blessed Be.

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