Ordered Chaos

I like things being neat and in order.

I live with a 10 year old and my house is by nature chaotic but I have my own little space where I can order things and keep them neat. I do the same with my work bag so everything is in the right place. This is how I try to satisfy my OCD tendencies.

The one thing I can’t order are the thoughts in my brain. This is why you may have the misfortune of reading my ramblings on various obscure topics.

My thoughts flurry this way and that on numerous things and it feels like they are all happening at the same time. Some have said that this is because I am a Virgo and that is one of their traits. I do not know if that is true but it’s one explanation.

My head sometimes fills so busy that I can sense physical pressure. Maybe I am just imagining that.

I wonder if everyone’s head is like that or whether some have more sequential thoughts without the zig zags. My wife seems to and I guess therefore we are all wired differently.

This is another ramble but it was just another thought I needed out of my head…..

Thank you for your patience in reading this if you have!

Blessed Be.

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