Why is “no” so difficult to say?

After a serious bout of mental health issues eighteen months ago I had about six months of therapy. A lot of the therapy was spent on my inability to say ”no”.

For some saying ”no” is a just a normal part of life. For others such as myself it is a challenge as if there is a brake in our mind which stops the word forming.

From my therapy it was clear that my mindset is to please and therefore “no” is not a word I find easy to say. The result of this is that you make life choices to please others rather than yourself.

My therapist pointed out that saying “no” is normal part of life and if it upsets people so be it as you must put yourself first. This was a revelation to me although it is pretty bloody obvious (sorry for the profanity)!

However, if you have spent your whole life avoiding saying “no“ then it is a daily battle to remind yourself that you can say this simple little word.

I’m a bit better on this now but still nowhere near as proficient as others!

How can a one syllable word be so hard to say.

Blessed Be.

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