Altered Self

I’m sure there are numerous others who feel the same, where has the true us gone?

I don’t think I’m ever my true self. Even with my closest family the true “me” is hidden and a different “me” appears. I guess I am trying to project how they see me rather than what I am. It’s even worse with strangers or work colleagues as I project a “me” which is very different to my true self.

How does this happen? It’s not a conscious choice but rather I think over time you slowly start to play a different role, project a different person.

I have, however, come to the conclusion that for me at least it is bad for my mental health. I feel it creates internal conflict and frustration. A sense that you are a fraud.

I’m slowly working through the layers to find the true “me” again, it will be a long journey but this blog is part of that journey to get me there.

Blessed Be.

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