I don’t need counselling I have good friends

You hear this quite a lot and you see people often posting this on Facebook.

I may be in the minority here but whilst talking to friends is great I personally don’t think it replaces counselling. Friends will always have their own viewpoints and prejudices. They may subconsciously also try to steer you to a course of action that they believe is best for you as they have a stake in your life.

This is all done with the best of intentions but a counsellor should be completely impartial to help you reach your own conclusions. I’ve had both friends help me and counsellors and I think they complement each other rather than one excluding the other.

A good counsellor will ask you hard questions, sometimes uncomfortable ones, to get you to see the truth from your perspective.

No one knows you as well as you and we all need to reach answers that we are comfortable with.

Please don’t disregard counselling because you have good friends.

Blessed Be.

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