Mental Health Awareness – Walk the Walk

My employer like many has increased the awareness of mental health issues in the workplace and has implemented measures to help staff who do suffer with mental health.

All this is great but it does feel to me that many employers are talking the talk rather than walking the walk. My employer for example gives all employees laptops and work phones. The idea is that this is to the benefit of staff so they can work flexibly. The downside is that you end up with a feeling that you need to be on call 24/7 and it blurs the lines between being inside work and out.

In my experience many cases of mental health issues in the workplace are caused by the workplace. This could be from unreasonable deadlines, far too much work for one person to handle or cultural issues which result in bullying etc.

For employers to walk the walk on mental health they need to focus on the causes of mental health issues in their workplace rather than just the symptoms.

An analogy I guess is they run you over in their car but want the plaudits when they arrange for the ambulance to pick you up and for you to get medical attention.

Employers need to walk the walk and focus on the causes which they can control rather than just talk the talk.

Blessed Be.

8 thoughts on “Mental Health Awareness – Walk the Walk

  1. It has been increasing over the past twenty years, less employees for the bottom line and more work for the few remaining. Working at home may benefit some but is it so they have you 24 hours a day? My son has experienced this downsizing and piling on.

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    1. This side of it gets ignored by employers in my view. It’s the working environment that affects so many people. Push comes to shove employers will always put the bottom line over and above employees mental health. I think there needs to be more honesty by employers on this and more public debate.

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  2. Doctors give you a pill for everything that affects your health. They never get to the root cause and cure the disease or the problem. Technology is mind boggling and dealing with it 24/7 is not the way I want to live my life.

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