Perplexing Anxiety

My daughter and wife are arguing today. Whenever this happens my anxiety flares and my heart starts to palpitate.

If anyone else argues in front of me this doesn’t happen, it’s just with them.

I’m trying to work out why? When they do this I just want to put my hands over my ears and cry.

There must be a reason. Maybe it’s because I love them both and that is why it affects me so much.

The brain is a marvel and a conundrum at the same time.

Blessed Be.

4 thoughts on “Perplexing Anxiety

  1. It’s very upsetting when the people you live with fight. Mostly, I agree because you care for both but also I think you don’t want to be asked to take sides, don’t want to get involved. Some people seem to thrive on bickering. Me, it get my hackles up!

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