Screech of the train

People lost in their own worlds

Tapping to music

Reading intensely


Screech of the train

The man spreader

Thinks he is the alpha male

Annoying those next to him


Screech of the train

Crammed like cattle

Nowhere to move

Bashed and bumped


Screech of the train

The frosty couple

Post argument

Unable to make eye contact


Screech of the train

Lady putting on make up

Rocking and rolling

Trying to keep it neat


Screech of the train

Cross section of society

Trying to make ends meet

Lost in their own worlds


Screech of the train

4 thoughts on “Commute

  1. I like your poem. This shows all the things that transpire in the things we do and encounter in our daily lives. Each person handles their life in a different way – some people manage to remain calm (I admire those people).

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  2. Love this. Where did you write it? Would I have seen you tapping away into a phone or tablet on the tube and thinking you were just getting through email, but really doing something far more worthy?

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