Homeless London In The Morning

I work in London and get into work around 7am. On a cold wet morning like today there are not that many people around but one thing I do notice is the homeless.

There seems to be so many homeless in London now and it feels that the number is increasing year on year.

It is pretty obvious that a high proportion of the homeless have some form of mental health illness. It feels a disgrace to me that in one of the wealthiest countries on the planet we have people having to live this way.

I see myself when I look at them, there were a few points in my life where things were at their worst when I could have been there. Unfortunately it’s not a large step from having a mental health illness to losing everything.

As a society I’m sure we can do more and as the sign says show human kindness. Politicians in particular need to end the constant stream of platitudes and actually do something.

All politicians seem to do is talk as if that is an end in itself. Words without action in my view have no value.

Politicians need to wake up, look outside their Westminster bubble and see what is going on and actually take action to do some good and help the homeless.

Blessed Be.

43 thoughts on “Homeless London In The Morning

  1. And the more there will be people like that (I myself being a homeless in this period) until we destroy this crazy selfish capitalism. Homeless people are now everywhere I go, I found them in my hometown Zagreb, Croatia; as well as in Graz, Salzburg, and especially in Munich and Stockholm, where I am now. Modern society only brings more suffer and pain on the people, not joy…

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    1. I work on London’s Victoria Street, and sadly pass homeless people every day. More needs to be done, for example (as pointed out in this post) in terms of helping those with mental health difficulties. However destroying Capitalism is not the answer. Communism has brought emense suffering (the Gulags in the former Soviet Union, Mao’s Cultural Revolution and the Berlin Wall which kept people imprisoned in the former GDR). A mixed economy (including a significant market element but with welfare provision to help those who need assistance) is the only system which works. You need wealth (and a democratic political system) to tackle social problems. Kevin

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      1. No, I don´t agree. Political systems like capitalism and communism created all this mess that we have today, so we need to change this, create new social system that would work in practice, not only in theory.


      1. It is heartbreaking, and seems unfair. I believe that the main agenda, at least in the US, is for the rich to stay rich and keep getting richer. That’s what seems to matter most.

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  2. I’ve given up on politicians. For me, tying my hopes to them only brings heartbreak. Now, I focus on what God wants of me in every situation, and I try to do it.

    Because this is my belief: if something’s been brought to my attention, it only means there’s something I can do about it.

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  3. I was in London recently and noticed a number of homeless people. It has been more than 30 years since I lived in London and I dont remember as many homeless then. However….I think that now I see them and feel for them and know that I was fortunate to not have ended up there myself. When I was younger they may have been there but I did not have my eyes open to them.

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  4. I live in nyc and everytime I take the subways I see homeless people in the trains ! Its cold outside. They have nowhere to go and they’re mostly kicked out! Polititions need to start fixing things rather then wrecking them!

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  5. There are a lot of homeless in the States also, particularly in California. I do feel bad for them – it seems that most have a drug or mental health problem. One thing that I never understood is why the homeless don’t migrant to warm areas for the winter? I guess in Europe they could migrate to South France and here in the States, they could migrate to California or Florida?

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  6. Governments should undoubtedly do more. However we also can help by giving to charities for the homeless such as Crisis (in the UK). I try not to give directly to people living on the street as I don’t know if the money given will go to feed an addiction to drugs or alcohol. If you give to a registered, established charity you know the money is going to help homeless people, rather than to feed a drug habit etc. Kevin

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  7. I believe it begins with us – the Governments are made up of US – we put them there after all – I believe we have to start with the fundamentals – ONE OF THEM BEING, NOT VOTING AT ALL – all Governments, everywhere , are there for power and money – they are ALL evil.

    I thank you for highlighting this massive problem Stuart.

    P.S. That board in the pic says it all.

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  8. I hear you. I work with community mental health team NHS.
    Yes your right alot of homeless have mental health problems
    This is so difficult for them and us.
    No address no g.p no medication.
    We have out reach services that go out looking for patients we know are on the streets we get to know where they are fill in forms if they want to we apply for housing this is the difficult part.
    No where to send letters too.
    The problems are endless
    Each person has a story
    I don’t know what the answer is but something has to change

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  9. I think it’s happening more and more in the world. In the US they literally put the mentally on the street, to cut costs. This was years ago. They expected them to pick up their medication at certain sites. Homeless people are everywhere. The US only cares about one thing and that’s money. People no longer matter and the white rich males, who are supposedly in charge, are made of greed and detachment. No one cares about the people, just about making more. The government works for itself, not for us.

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  10. Where there is a will, It is very often also a way?! The problem being that whatever solution, there is a price to be paid. And ‘unexpected costs’ will have to be covered with someone elses money!
    I think it ought to start with altering legislation, then a bit of creative budgeting . . . ?

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  11. This is also true of Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg and other Canadian cities. Kids running away from dysfunctional families, people with mental and financial issues with no security net … the list of contributing factors is endless. There are a few agencies and a very large number of good samaritans doing their best to help. “CSR” is now just an acronym and corporate entities have stopped caring for their employees and are passing on the responsibility of Corporate Social Responsibility to the governments, while seeking tax cuts for themselves. Not sure where we start to find the solution that starts at the top and percolates down. Raising awareness, as you have done, is a good start; thanks!

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  12. Many homeless in WA, U.S. too, especially Seattle. Seems many have mental problems caused from alcohol/drugs, but I could be wrong. But if correct, why have SO MANY chosen to throw their lives away to this? There’s always been people that got caught up in it sort of by accident, but it’s such an epidemic now. I heard somewhere that many people just can’t cope with everything we have to cope with to keep a roof over our heads and have a good life, so they choose to give up, be homeless and have no responsibilities. I do understand this – every time you turn around there seems to be a new tax or charge just for parking your car at a park. There seems to never be a chance just to enjoy. Less family times. Less connection due to technology/phones. There’s even what used to be beautiful campgrounds that I used to go to as a kid in the 70’s that are shut down due to homeless taking over and trashing. This modern world is just difficult. I’ve found myself near homeless. Paycheck to paycheck with all kinds of stress. But what’s the solution???


    1. I don’t think anyone chooses to end up in this situation. It is caused by circumstances such as losing a job or having a mental health issue. With drug use in the main, in my opinion, it’s a symptom of something much deeper to take away the pain. I used to use alcohol for this purpose myself.

      Homelessness in my opinion is a symptom of wider society ills.

      I agree though I’m not sure there is a simple solution but I do think Governments could do more to tackle the inequality that is now rampant.

      Many thanks for your comment.

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  13. Hi from the U;.S., Southern CA – Anne here. I visited a site up around Barstow, which is north of my area. An architect from the Middle East built earthen homes there to show what can be done that whatever soil is available in the area, concrete and barbed wire. He originally designed them to serve as housing for refugees, and they had to be sustainable, quick to build., and inexpensive as well. They had to be cool inside when it was extremely hot, and to be able to be warm inside when it was cold. Barstow offers all of the climate changes required. The houses are very strong and have been through extensive testing. They are dome shaped, and can be joined together to provide additional rooms. They don’t take up a huge amount of space, and I think building these on sites that could be offered to the homeless could provide an excellent project from which architects-to-be and teenagers (juniors and seniors too in high school). The land can be found most anywhere and it would not have to cost any city any land that might be otherwise spoken for. The only things that would need to provided would be regular food and water. They can have windows and doors put in, and there are companies that could provide those via recyclables. Anyway, we could do a lot in any country if the powers that be In those areas would provide the land and water and food. If we put our heads together from one country to another, and joined forces for building, this could be done on a worldwide scale. This should not be something so huge that it cannot be resolved. We just need to work together and put some elbow grease and our minds into it. It is not unsolvable. There is so much recyclable material in every country, parts could be taken and used to build tiny houses too, and of course larger ones for larger families. And if every plot of land where there was housing could get water and land to plant on and if others would help teach agriculture to those folks, chances are that the projects could become quickly self-sufficient to the max. And yes, even people with mental illness, etc. could benefit by feeling like part of a living and sustainable environment, and perhaps some of them at least, if they became involved with helping to build and grow the community, could definitely get better, at least to a degree. Instead of being the invisible people, they could become known for keeping their community up, having regular visits by people who know how to deal with them, and to have meetings to teach them new skills, etc. It could be a form of contemporary commune – a working commune – and eventually could evolve into something wonderful. We will never know if we fail to at least try it. Thank you kindly.


  14. Same problem in New York City. People are being priced out of affordable housing to make room for the middle class. I am blessed i found a two bedroom and had to get a roommate in order to be able to pay rent and buy food.

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  15. I live in Eugene, Oregon, this post could very well be about my town. In a couple of days I’m headed up to Portland. It’s worse. If I travel south to San Francisco it’s a nightmare. Like you, the politicians have little to no answers.

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