Least Worst Option

Incompetence on one side

Ineffectiveness on the other

Choice between the least worst options


Shouting at each other like banshees

Screaming that the other side doesn’t play fair

Like children in a playground


They promise the earth

But won’t say the cost

Like a dodgy loan shark


Trust us they say

Fingers crossed behind their backs

As if we are fools


They promise Nirvana

But prey on people’s insecurities

Like an unscrupulous scammer


What’s this you ask?

It’s the UK General Election I say.

2 thoughts on “Least Worst Option

  1. The misguided people here who support the unmentionable person in the White House all protest that the Democratic Party is in disarray, that they are crooks and degenerates and I don’t disagree but it insenses me that they support a man so crass, so insensitive, so manipulated, so narcissistic…I could go on it seems indefinitely.
    I agree that the Democrats have no good candidate to put up and the other parties have no followers, so what do you do? I cannot, will not vote for Him and if I don’t vote it’s the same as voting for, likewise if I vote for another party.
    What do we have to do? I am an ex-pat so I feel deeply for the people there as I am sure many people feel for us.
    It just galls me that people elsewhere believe we actually elected this man. Most of us didn’t, but there he is.
    Something wrong with these pictures!


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