Insidious Uncertainty

Whether it’s uncertainty about the security of ours jobs, the strength of our relationships or about any other matter uncertainty is insidious.

It’s like a worm that slowly bores into our mind which won’t go away. It causes worry, stress and mental health illness.

A work colleague of mine is concerned about the security of his job. In the past he has suffered from mental health illness and I can see how badly it is affecting him. It is heartbreaking to see.

I have spoken to him and he says if he is let go then he will deal with that and move on but it’s the uncertainty that is hurting him.

There is always uncertainty in life but sometimes any decision, even a bad one, is better than letting the uncertainty continue.

A decision will allow an element of closure and let us move on.

The worm will be removed.

Blessed Be.

6 thoughts on “Insidious Uncertainty

  1. I got to the conclusion long time ago that I had to embrace uncertainty, I’m quite good at putting things on the “back burner” and keep on day to day living. But the uncertainty is always there unfortunately, just life. Some deal with it better others worst and hope your thy don’t fire your friend.

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    1. Thanks Charly. I go through phases when I can just shrug my shoulders and ignore, and others when the worm appears. I think we are all a bit like that and it depends on the place we are mentally at the time.

      Many thanks for all your comments on my posts. They are really appreciated.

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  2. I worked in an industry that was itself always uncertain. The lower echelons, including myself were unionized and Management made no secret of the fact they were determined to be rid of us. Each contract negotiation was bloodier than the last and as time went on and more and more departments were consolidated, we were none-the-less expected to produce better and better results. I left a few years early with a crook back but i couldn’t have lasted much longer. Working under those conditions was a farce. Not good for health mental or physical. Sad thing is, this seems to be the way of big business. Not sure how long it can last.

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