Dead End? Really?

It feels often that life takes you to dead end where there is nowhere to go. If you look hard enough sometimes though you can find a hidden secret door.

Other times unfortunately there is no option but to backtrack.

This blog has been like the secret door for me. I felt I was at a dead end before I started writing it. The blog allows me to express myself as I am.

As my blog has been going for nearly a month I would like to thank everyone who has followed, liked or commented on my posts. The encouragement is appreciated so much.

To use a cliche I feel like I am on a journey. I’m hoping the journey has a long way to go and I’m loving that you are all with me.

Keep looking for the secret door hidden at the dead end. You never know it may be there.

Blessed Be.

8 thoughts on “Dead End? Really?

  1. The photo was perfect for what you wrote. And is that thing photoshop? Weird and yet I love the photo.
    About what you said, I feel the same. So only a month with your blog? I often feel that is my therapy to write not only my little short stories and the freaking novella that’s lasting forever to finish, but also the blog is therapy. Not only mine, to read all of you, from poems, short stories, photography, history, philosophy, religious blogs, you name it I follow. I learn and gives me ideas to write about. I’m glad you’re glad so lets keep on digging that mountain and putting the asphalt so the road get longer.
    By the way talking about ideas, that picture gave me an idea to write about, you mind if I borrow it to later publish a short poem?

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    1. Thanks Charly for your comments. I love what you said and how you put it.

      I’m not sure if the image is photoshopped or not. I suspect it is but part of me hopes it isn’t, as that would be so crazy.

      I agree let’s keep on digging that mountain! I love that phrase, thank you.

      Of course use the photo I just found it on google!

      Thanks again

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  2. Before I was encouraged to have a blog I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to read anything I might write. I have never been able to express myself verbally. It all comes out wrong and I get tongue tied and nervous and I must look like a real twit. So being able to write has been enormously helpful to me as I feel I have never been able to express myself before. It is wonderful to discover so many like-minded people are out there. So glad you have started writing too. Best of wishes.

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    1. I must admit I’m finding it refreshing and therapeutic as it allows me get loads of stuff out of my head which is just bouncing around. I’m loving the interaction with everyone on here as well. It is amazing


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