Fact or Fiction

A big item that keeps on getting discussed in the UK general election is misleading “facts” being quoted by politicians.

The TV presenters seem to be getting over excited about questionable facts being used by the political parties on social media.

The TV presenters don’t seem to look at themselves when they allow various politicians on their show sprout facts and figures which they don’t challenge.

The double standard seems oblivious to them.

In any event the general public now seems sceptical of anything politicians say as they have been found to mislead and break their promises on so many occasions.

I personally believe in unicorns more than anything politicians say.

Blessed Be.

5 thoughts on “Fact or Fiction

    1. It seems to be a global issue now. My issue with it also is that the news feels the need to report it all. I’m sure when I was younger you didn’t get this overload of coverage.


  1. Regarding the Lion and the Unicorn Symbols:

    There are those of us
    who have the Soul of a Unicorn
    and the Heart of a Lion/Lioness
    And a fully conscious Mind
    whose Unique EMPATHIC Brain’s Aerial
    is linked to the UNIVERSE
    by an Ethereal Crown.

    The Fact is Stuart I can tell by your Poetry that you are what’s now known as an EMPATH.
    Progress in this field is a lot slower in the UK. were none aggressive Empaths would usually come under the Asperger’s spectrum and a great many others are rightly called Bipolar.

    There are many Blog posts dealing with Empath recognition and Help.
    I recognized myself in everything they said and found it such a relief.

    And talking and Preaching and Praying I’m afraid is not enough.
    And you dear Stuart can’t afford to carry the weight of the status-quo’s baggage on your shoulders alone.
    The COSMOS & Atlas are dealing with it too.

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