My Guide

I am not where I am

Or even here


I feel on the outside of myself

Looking in

A bystander to my life


My thoughts




I’m a ghost


Lost in the forest dark

Trying to feel my way


A hoot

I sense my guide

A majestic flutter close

All seeing eyes observed


As you near

Clarity starts to return

As wisdom shared


Bless you

My counsel

9 thoughts on “My Guide

  1. There’s another poem about a Guide, originally written in Welsh: “Guide me oh thou great Redeemer/pilgrim through this barren land/I am weak, but thou art mighty/Guide me with thy powerful hand/strong deliverer, strong deliverer/be thou still my strength and shield”…

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  2. So Stuart …

    Going with the flow of the status-quo

    while limiting the friction caused by undercurrents tow

    Key anchors help to stop the torrent of destruction’s blow

    Mind’s buoyancy accomplished feels the ebbing of each foe.

    I too always felt like I was on the outside looking in. I was also aware that social acceptance is about quietly fitting in while keeping my own counsel.
    And so as not to stand out feeling too vulnerable and bewildered, and liking the social post-war era & place I grew up in, I was able to don the appropriate changing uniforms of my age group and join in. I have lots of long-term Loving, Caring friends from my era who don’t know the real me at all.
    Lateral thinking helps one cope as one begins to see the bigger picture through the help of a Guide, in whatever form it, he or she takes …And at my age I don’t want to sound crackers …
    Through anonymity blogging I’ve found out that I’m not alone with this anomaly at all.

    I was chosen to be a Sibyl through a life-saving Phenomenon experience that happened to me when I was 60 and I still haven’t told my skeptical Friends. And as I’ve said, at the age of 76/77 in January, I don’t want to sound crackers
    Lots of Love & Blessings to you and our Kin SIBYL X

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