This really is a question rather than a blog.

All people who surround me seem to be negative apart from my daughter. My daughter only sees the happy side of me and refers to me as always being cheerful as that is what I project irrespective of how I feel inside.

I am desperately trying to look on the positive side of life but feel I get constantly knocked back by people around me.

Does anyone else find this?

Thanks and Blessed Be.

7 thoughts on “Negativity

  1. Negative people never want anyone to help lift their spirits. They would much rather drag you down into the muck and crap they’re most comfortable in.
    I use to tell my children.. and I find these days I tell myself…
    “Life isn’t easy. Deal with it, get over it. You win a few, and you lose a bunch. Just put your ‘Happy Face’ on, and go about your business..!!”

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  2. My ex was so negative I couldn’t bear it. Even now, years later, I find myself fighting his voice (we were together over 20 years), telling me that everyone is horrible and out to get me. I’m not perky by nature, but I can have fun when there’s not someone dragging down my mood.

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  3. You have to guard against negativity because it can drain the life out of you. If you are not able to stay away from people like that then you have to try not to get sucked in. It can be very hard. But it’s great that your daughter is positive. When the others try to bring you down, just think of her smiling face, and your blog supporters!

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  4. I know all too well what you mean brother! Living around “Sandpaper” people can drain your sanity, emotions, happiness and can even zap your victory if you let them. It’s tough to do, but stand strong Stu! You don’t have to let their attitude get a hold of you. I’ve learned to try not to play along with the negativity. There will be days when it will feel it gets the best of you, but keep praying. God will give you the strength to fight their negativity. Some people are miserable, but we can purpose that we will be happy in the midst of all the bad. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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