Hypocrisy Hypocrisy You Are Full Of Duplicity

Is it just me or is hypocrisy everywhere nowadays.

From celebrities jetting around the world to talk about climate change or promoting an equal society conveniently forgetting that their career is based on their famous mother or father rather than necessarily their talent.

Or politicians preaching about all and sundry but not feeling that the same rules should apply to them. It’s the “ordinary” people that the rules should apply to. You can trust us they say.

Or employers, as I have said before, promoting their care for the mental health of their employees at the same time as pushing them to breaking point.

Hypocrisy hypocrisy you are full of duplicity

Blessed Be.

5 thoughts on “Hypocrisy Hypocrisy You Are Full Of Duplicity

  1. I agree. It is. Everywhere. Hard not to be cynical but then I see the many good things that the little people are doing. Chipping away at the block. I try to stay focused since, what else can I do. The other stuff angers me and I don’t want to feel that anymore.

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    1. I’m in agreement. Normally I like to think I can let it go over my head but other times like this morning when I posted it just seemed to be staring right in the face.


  2. Like Yetismith above, the crap I see happening angers me. There are days I have had my fill, and don’t watch or read any news. It would help if the media wasn’t so focused on bringing Trump down that they twist the truth, and sometimes, outright lie. But I don’t see them, or celebrities, or politicians, changing their ways. 😑

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