Why Isn’t There A Humanity-Ism?

Capitalism, socialism, environmentalism and pretty much any “ism” you can think of nowadays are banded around a lot.

What there doesn’t seem to be is a humanity-ism. The nearest one I guess is humanism but this means something different than care for all humanity.

With all the conflict in the world it does feel time for such a word and movement to exist.

Why isn’t there a humanity-ism?

Blessed Be.

15 thoughts on “Why Isn’t There A Humanity-Ism?

  1. When you brought up the term humanityism, I realized that I might fall into that category. Because I have a resounding faith in the ability of humanity to better itself and come together to create a society that all can be happy in.

    As a Humanityist, this is what Humanity means to me when I hear it in my heart:


    Between these 16 traits I believe is the reason why Humanity is the way it is. And in the reasons behind Humanity’s Existence, is the answer for how things will get better.

    We, as Humanity, are but a piece of the whole. Until each individual piece of the whole picture comes together to be better, Humanity will remain stagnant. For the worst of the worst hold power over the many. It won’t be until the many overpower the worst with their inherent goodness and ability to better a bad situation that Humanity will see itself for all that it could have always been.

    I have hope that Humanity is blessed to be the best. I have faith that Humanity will overcome their dark past and out of control present moment and stabilize itself for a future full of peaceful prosperity. I am on board with this path forward and will ever work to help others see the same hope-filled future.

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      1. Indeed. The fact that humanitarianism didn’t spring immediately to mind suggests that it’s not widely promulgated. However I understood it to mean caring for people and animals who are in need of help, rather than a philosophy of mutual aid for everyone.

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  2. There actually is what you are looking for but it’s called humanism. It is insidiously replacing the true “love for one another” faith. Christianity. Humanism focuses out from self. Christianity focuses from God (love) to others.


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