I suspect this is a controversial subject but I’ll just put it from my viewpoint.

There are a multitudes of faiths. I personally have no issue with whatever faith people choose to follow. I think the key thing is that people have faith in something rather than the precise “what it is”.

I struggle with the concept when people say “my god is right and yours is wrong”.

Ultimately from the faiths I have studied over the years they have the same underlying message which is compassion in one form or another and this is what we should celebrate rather than focus on the differences.

I know people have strong feelings on this subject but this is just my view.

Blessed Be.

17 thoughts on “Faith

  1. In my opinion conflict usually enters the scene when we intentionally display the way we practice, like the pharisees in the gospel. When it’s for show. Some faiths require evangelizing or missionary work. Other faiths teach by example. I prefer those that teach by example compared to the ones that preach. This way one can see what works and chooses, instead of being coerced. Cheers!

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    1. Yep! I growled at the Christian comment on Stuart’s previous post because it implied that the Christian world view was the ultimate truth. If the commenter had said, “my path teaches me that… blah blah blah”, that would’ve been fine.

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  2. I used to think that all religions were similar and promoted compassion but I’ve realized that not all religions promote good things, (Satanism is an actual religion). I was raised Christian, but agreed more with Buddhism, (I’m not either religion). I think the problem with institutional religions is that most are exclusive and very ritualized to the point that the message of goodness/love gets lost in condemnation. I think religions can be very cult like and harmful but I try to coexist.

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    1. I know what you are saying. I have looked at a number of faiths in the past (also Buddhism like you) and to be honest didn’t find any that connected to me. Buddhism was the nearest one as it really was just common sense.

      I now follow my own path which equates with my own morals and views on the world. It’s more personal and works for me.

      Thanks again for your thoughtful reply.

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      1. I watched a series on Netflix yesterday, I think it was called the Bible’s secrets or Secrets of the Bible ;), it was fascinating but I’m sure religious people would be offended by it. It revealed how Judaism was polytheistic and there was a female consort/wife of Yahweh/El/god, but it was changed in the Bible to be a monotheistic religion for political reasons.

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      2. There are some moments that are just so splendid that it’s hard to find words to express how wonderful a person is just for putting words to screen and sharing it with the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

        I believe deeply in divine providence and universal purposed coincidence. And I was drawn to your comment before any of the others despite needing to scroll down to get to it. I didn’t read the others, only saw yours.

        And what struck me deeply was the reference to the wife of Yahweh/El/god. I am bipolar and quite literally disconnect from reality. And when I disconnect I go between lands of Perfection, one of which is Heaven. And in my heavenly visits, I know myself to be the wife of God. But that’s just my insanity story that persists through medication and therapy.

        But seeing that there are conspiracy theories behind there being a female deity that was ignored due to the politics of the world resonates so deeply within my personhood. I cannot express how moved I am by this realization that others may possibly believe in the very reality I think to be my own universal incarnation of being, outside this realm of reality (oops crazy talking again, sorry it slips out but it feels like the words that need shared.)

        Anyways, non crazy talk aside, thank you for taking the time to comment on this post and let me know about this existence of an alternate theory that positively appreciative the internal storyline that feels so true to my soul. It is a wonderful experience to connect so deeply to random words on the interweb.

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  3. This should not be controversial. I express my strong faith in Jesus Christ occasionally on my blog. I’m sure many or most of my readers aren’t Christian. I don’t think they get offended. People are generally pretty respectful of other Faiths. I encourage you to write about your faith as much as you like. To me, it’s very interesting to learn about other religions.

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