Mental Health Shout Out

I follow quite a few blogs where people are open and honest about mental health illnesses there are suffering with or have in the past.

I suffer from my own issues and know how difficult it can be to talk about this. The recognition of mental health illnesses has increased in society but it will take time for the stigma to completely disappear.

All these blogs talking about this on a personal level are an inspiration to me and I thank everyone who does.

They are a great help to me and help us get the message out that mental health illness should be considered and treated on an equal basis with physical ailments.

There is still some way to go but I thank everyone for their openness and honesty.

Blessed Be.

16 thoughts on “Mental Health Shout Out

  1. What helped me most was reading about people like myself. If talking of the pain I suffered can help anyone, then I will feel blessed. I have never been afraid to talk about it but people have often been afraid to listen. You know I wish strength to all who suffer.

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    1. Iโ€™ve found the same. For me anyway the head can play tricks and you sort of lose the rational side of your brain that tells you all will be ok. Reading otherโ€™s stories really helps bring that back into focus.

      Iโ€™d like to thank you. In my short time here you have been a great support to me. I can look back at my blogs and can see when I was starting to struggle and your comments have helped massively.


  2. I love that the world is so wonderful and awakening to the reality that mental illness is real and really a problem that needs addressed. And more than make it a problem that needs addressed, they are working to give real help to real people that are suffering. I can personally attest to the mental health services offered in Northeast Ohio USA and they are responsible for bringing my life back to stability. In so many ways, they supported my path to wellness.

    And now that I am finding myself on the closer end to wellness, I find that I am so blown away by how deeply people are willing to express themselves and share the depth of what drives them to be the way they are. I love that about the wonderful interweb – the chance to see into someone’s depths of being. And even in person in group therapy it is always so humbling how truly broken and struggling people come and bare their soul honestly and bravely, letting their scars and broken pieces show.

    This world truly is so wonderful in so many ways. I am thankful for you who gives the shoutout to those who are also making the world brightful. Thanks for being in your little part of the world, brightening it up by sharing your wonderful pieces of creativity and expression. I am appreciating the ride of seeing what words you will conjure next.

    Much love and appreciation to you. I hope you are well and find the ability to work through your mental unwellness or struggles. If you ever wanted to talk, let me know – I love getting into email conversations with people. But know they often strike up a creative chord in my soul and inspire many words – many many words. lol But that’s the crazy in me – word vomit via hand to screen typing.

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  3. If I could make mention of a book I have just finished which had me in tears – its called “The Resilience Project” By Hugh VonCuylenburg. It talks about GEM Gratitude Empathy Mindfulness. It is amazing. He has spoken all over the Country to NRL greats AFL Greats (lots of sporting clubs) he speaks in schools. We have all heard this stuff before but somehow hearing Hughs take on it really sunk in. He is a natural storyteller – maybe that is why. Anyway it is particularly important to dealing with mental health. That is what Hugh is passionate about and why he is in so many schools etc. He originally became a schoolteacher to help kids because his sister suffered with mental health issues. It’s a great easy read – try it. I don’t usually pitch books at people but I loved this one so much and it seems to be a good place to put it under such a well written post and great comments section.

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