Acts Of Kindness

Whenever I see someone who is vision impaired I will ask them if they need help. In the main they say they are fine and I move on.

What I do notice, however, is how many people see the individual but then put their head down as if they didn’t notice.

You see something similar on the train where a lady who is pregnant gets on or someone who clearly has a physical injury and people don’t offer their seat.

In my view it’s these small acts of kindness that can make a difference to the world and maybe help brighten someone’s day.

The population of the earth is circa 7.7 billion. I like to believe if there are 7.7 billion small acts of kindness on a daily basis the world may be a slightly better place.

Blessed Be.

20 thoughts on “Acts Of Kindness

  1. I had this thought that if every single person was busy thinking about someone else’s problems rather than selfishly focusing on their own issues, the world would be made better. For by everyone focusing on someone else, there would always be someone thinking of someone in need. More people would be thought of in their time of need which means more people would get help which would then reinforce the thought that thinking of others first is truly the better way to be. Everyone gets thought of, no one gets left out, everyone has what they need to be happy.

    Such a wonderful idea and one I hope could someday come to reality.

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  2. Amen to that! It really bothers me to see so many young people sitting in waiting rooms or wherever, with a parent next to them, and won’t even give up their seats when an older person or disabled person comes in the room! I have to get up…It was how I was raised.

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  3. When I was pregnant, hardly anyone (most seemed in their 20s/30s) would give up their seat which was labeled for “pregnant women and physically disabled”. So I stood on the subway with my big belly. The people who gave me their seats were always women who were overweight, they were the kindest people that I’m sure other’s judged for being big sized. Manners seems like a lost art nowadays.

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    1. I see that quite a bit in the UK. Manners and kindness do seem rarer nowadays than from memory they were when I was younger. That may just though be my perception of the state of the world as it currently is.

      Thanks again for your comment. 😊

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  4. I am glad at least you are one of those people who performs these little acts of kindness. To be honest it is a blessing to have a kind heart and soul. You and I, all we can do is be the first drop of rain and spread kindness whenever we can.😊

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