Thank You

A shout out to the people

Who inspire me the most

There aren’t celebrities or sports stars

But you as you try your utmost


To observe as challenges overcome

With strength and willpower pure

Is a wonder to me

And helps me find my own personal cure


The support that is given freely

Gives hope that society

And WordPress particular

Is a force for good and helps ease my anxiety


So just a final few words from me

A big thank you

You are my inspiration

And Blessed Be

7 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Blessings to you, dearest Stuart. I love this poem. I too am grateful for you, your work and your support of others. When we recognize that we are never successful all on our own as bloggers – we become truly blessed. There are so many awesome bloggers willing to reach out and spread the word on our behalf.

    It is a community of like minded folks who are loving and kind. It helps restore our faith in humanity some, doesn’t it? I’m grateful WordPress is here to ease your anxiety and make your life a brighter place to be!

    God bless you, Stuart. If you are in the United States – I pray your Thanksgiving is happy, healthy and full of memories for a lifetime! β™₯

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