The Lion

Where did all go wrong?

Disagreements a pastime

Antagonism a belief

Apathy a life choice


Extremism on the rise

Tensions increasing

The world slowly dying

Metaphorical fires aplenty


The quiet majority

Decent, honest, caring


Trying to be heard over the bedlam


Their roar needs to be heard

Their heart needs to lead

Their courage needs to hold

Their strength and conviction is needed


The quiet majority

Our hope

My hope


The lion with a big heart must roar

10 thoughts on “The Lion

  1. I am reminded of an old song….here are some of the lines…….Up among the furs where it smells so sweet
    Or down in the valley where the river used to be
    I got my mind on eternity
    Some kind of ecstasy got a hold on me
    And I’m wondering where the lions are
    I’m wondering where the lions are……….God Bless Stuart!

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  2. Beautifully said and painfully poignant.
    “The quiet majority
    Decent, honest, caring
    Trying to be heard over the bedlam”

    Apathy is indeed a choice. But be clear, the lions are here, lurking in the periphery- our voices strong, resolute- choosing action over rage. And it’s incumbent upon us to demonstrate what decent, honest, and caring truly is, and above all, make sure the voiceless are heard and not lost or forgotten in the deafening bedlam.
    That is our only hope.

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    1. Thank you 😊 and I agree. The challenge is the ones that shout the loudest appear to me to be the ones you really don’t want to have to listen to as they have nothing positive or constructive to say. They just cause disharmony and conflict with no help for the many or the ones who really need assistance.

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  3. What is the old expression ? ” Ignorance is Bliss ! ” I think a lot of people think to much and many people do not think at all. Like everything else, there are two ends of every spectrum. Only good people are worried about all the negativism in the world. All the other people are just being ” negative “. Your Secret Santa story is uplifting and positive. I LIKED IT ! Thank you Stuart.

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