Suffering In Silence

I like many who have suffered with mental health illness kept it to myself – it was my hidden secret.

On the outside I was my normal self but on the inside I was in a very dark place. I felt the need, however, to carry it myself and not be a burden on anyone else. I guess also that there was a part of me which didn’t want to be seen as weak.

I now see this was a terrible mistake and contributed to my downhill spirals. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, mental health illness is something that we all need help with.

There is no shame in having a mental health illness. If I had my time again I would have been more open about it and asked for help earlier.

I guess that is the key message from my post, please don’t hide it and ask for help.

Blessed Be.

20 thoughts on “Suffering In Silence

  1. Most people want to help…but they can do nothing if they don’t know. Then on the other side, there are friends and relatives that don’t want to get involved, will shy away if you open up. I’ve experienced both.

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    1. I understand what you mean. I’ve experienced both as well but I found if you do open up there will be someone who wants to help. Quite often I think it comes from a unexpected direction.

      It was also, for me anyway, quite a good litmus test to establish who really is there for you and who when push comes to shove is not. I learnt quite a bit about people around me.

      Thanks again for your comment.


  2. Indeed. Our challenges are easier to deal with if we have extra pairs of hands to help us get through them. I hope you have all your loved ones to be with you in this journey. I wish you nothing but the best. God bless you!

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  3. Stuart, I believe you are on a good track and am only one of countless others that can relate. Stay positive. We should not be afraid to speak to professionals. Think of all the information that they absorb on a regular basis. I have a tendency to feel other peoples pain. I doubt that I could handle the pain and suffering that mental health professionals hear about routinely. It must be a very difficult profession. Only a truly selfless person that cares about other people’s pain can handle that job. I for one salute them ! You speak your truth and you obviously care about others. That means you are vulnerable ! Welcome to the CLUB Stuart ! Follow your heart and continue to speak the truth ! Thank You ! Glad you found me at !! Just keep being you !

    and THANK YOU !
    Marc David

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