A Quiet Revolution

A quiet revolution is what I seek

Not an explosion of anger or threats


Compassion and love at its core

Not a maelstrom of hate or envy


The silent majority as the vanguard

Not the horde of screaming agitators


Peace and restraint at the orbit

Not a barrier of intolerance or disharmony


A quiet revolution is what I seek

16 thoughts on “A Quiet Revolution

    1. I agree with you completely. We have become so disconnected from the heart of our happiness that we are unable to help others and feel good in their shared positive energy and connection. Looking within and finding love is definitely the first step to looking without and loving unconditionally.

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    2. I agree and I’m on that journey as well, I think some of us always see the worst in ourselves and not the good. That’s in my case anyway.

      The best people always seem to be their own worst critics in my view.

      Many thanks for your comment 😊

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      1. I can personally attest to the reality that when you unlock the key to self love, you unlock the wonder of a world so beautiful words cannot do justice to the plethora of good feelings that come euphorically pouring forth freely. I wish you luck on your journey as I can tell you the finish line breath-taking in a way you keep breathing so that you can feel the breathlessness over and over again.

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  1. Oh yes, me too! But I want to see people sitting around a table talking to each other and listening, appreciating each others problems and working out a sensible compromise that will be fair to everybody and good for the planet. One can dream!

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