Yesterday my daughter asked my wife why don’t we see nanny and grandad. My wife replied because they were not very nice to daddy as a child and also when he was an adult. My daughter pondered for a while and asked if her auntie, my sister, saw them. My wife replied no.

My daughter pondered a bit more, seem to accept that and moved on as kids do.

However, it never ceases to amaze me how perceptive kids are. They seem to be able see through the noise and get to the heart of the matter and see the truth.

Whether this is because they don’t have the lifetime of baggage, I don’t know, but they see the world and situations in a different way to adults. It’s more pure, more honest, more to the point.

It a shame we all lose a bit of this as we get older.

Blessed Be.

16 thoughts on “Pondering

  1. I agree with Joshua above…most kids don’t ask follow up questions, just accept a simple “because”, and it’s a good thing. Some things are too complicated, and at times ugly, to explain to young minds.

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  2. STUART, yes you hit the nail on the head with children. it is the responsibility of parents to AVOID dumping that baggage on their children. Many people carry their baggage throughout our lifetime. It is a chain that we drag around just like Mr. Marley, (not BOB) in a CHRISTMAS CAROL. Forged Link by Link. I had mine as do we all. It is difficult to let go of the terrors of the past. There in lies the rub. Some of us have been able to sever that chain and move on without all those memories that drag us down and hold us back from spiritual growth. It is OK to sever that chain. Easy to say but difficult for most. “BUT WE ALL SHINE ON, LIKE THE MOON, THE STARS, AND THE SUN !! ON and ON and ON ! I use my chain and pain as a motivation to be positive and supportive with every human being that I meet. That is my goal. It is a work in progress. Keep up your good work and love your kids.
    I have been married for 40 years and I have one daughter by the name of MOOREA. Named after a nearby island down here in French Polynesia.
    Marc @ docofthebay.blog

    I have not been posting in my blog. I enjoy making comments on your blog more. docofthebay.blog.
    I am heading to the UK this Spring for the very first time. London, Jura and Stonehenge. i need to visit a bookshop in London and then to a mysterious place called TADFIELD. It is possible to break the chains. Just “LET IT BE”.

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