As Christmas and New Year fast approaches it feels like the appropriate time to reflect on 2019 and look forward to 2020.

I guess that 2019 has been a year of continuity and at the same time change. I have continued my journey in addressing my mental health illness head on with some slumps along the way. I now understand myself a lot better and that is I think a large part of the journey. In the past I had my head in the sand and waited for the next spiral.

Change I guess is WordPress and the amazing people I have met on here. In 2018 I took up art again and in 2019 I have had a stab at poetry and used this platform to get various thoughts and views out of my head.

I see 2020 as I continuation of 2019. I will continue to follow the path that I am on. The destination is a mystery but I am enjoying the journey and that is key to life in my view. It is clear to me now that the journey is equally important as the destination.

Finally I would like to wish all you amazing WordPressErs a fantastic Christmas and New Year.

Blessed Be.

42 thoughts on “Journey

  1. STUART! You are a good and thoughtful human being. You care ! You are not a mindless automaton ! I suspect you are also an OLD SOUL ! This ain’t your first Rodeo buddy ! Enjoy the ride ! This life experience is truly the one and only…
    MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR !! And by the way…. The ROCK AND ROLL GROUP “JOURNEY” is always great for a good metaphysical pick-me-up ! Give yourself some credit Stuart ! You are obviously a sensitive and caring person ! Half the planet seems to be ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL ! (Steeley Dan) I predict good things are coming your way Stuart. There was a time, a very long time ago when I went through the psyche metamorphosis. It was difficult. BUT… I never met-a-morphosis that I didn’t like !! I retired early and now live on a beautiful tropical island and wake up every morning and do whatever I want to do. I can travel wherever I want and i don’t have to worry about money. I am NOT BRAGGING ! FATE is a mystical manifestation. My own family and friends wrote me off as a crazy loser many years ago and did not want anything to do with me. My older brother at one point would not lend me $ 5.00 !!!!
    We have not spoken for years. But I wish him well ! Remember, the only difference between being crazy and eccentric is MONEY or NO MONEY !!!
    Then when you have money, and somebody wants something from you, you are a GREAT GUY ! Real friends are priceless. My best Teacher/Elder taught me that if you can count all your good friends on one hand, you are a lucky person.
    marc @

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  2. I find I like the imagery that our life is a path that winds and turns and twists in different directions. And some people like to have a wide view ahead of what to expect. But for me, I like to take life one moment at a time. One single stepping stone forward, piecing together with each forward progressing movement, a life that i can be happy having loved and lived in.

    It sounds as you mention the magical mystery of the journey that you too are on a similar moment to moment progression of connecting the pieces of your life that will tell the tale of who you were to the world.

    I hope you a blessed end of 2019 and a blissful beginning of 2020. In 2020 I am working on bringing my vision of Perfection to words others can understand.

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