The fiery hearth warms our hand

Our belief warms our heart

Alone in a crowded room we are happy to stand

Where others couldn’t bear to be apart


Our strength is the mind

Our weakness is compassion

The truth we can normally find

But can’t look at the world without dispassion


How can compassion be a weakness you ask

Because we feel everyone’s pain

And then saving becomes our task

Whereas some may refrain


Some of us are lost in nowhere

But it you follow our sound

We may be somewhere

And can possibly be found

20 thoughts on “Somewhere

  1. Personally, I don’t believe compassion is a weakness. It can certainly win you a lot of additional responsibilities and it’s often hard knowing where to set limits. I don’t believe you are irretrievably lost, Stuart. We will find you. Just keep making your “noises”.

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    1. Thank you 😊 I agree compassion is not really a weakness but for me this came out in my counselling as I always put others first and forgot about myself. I was always the last one I considered.

      With hindsight it seems obvious but my counsellor pointed out if I don’t put myself higher up the pecking order I wouldn’t be around to be there for anyone else. I think this was the message I was trying to put across.

      Many thanks again for your comment!

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      1. The first lesson a true helper must learn is that all helping stops when the helper can no longer help themselves and so help must be given to the helper or all is lost.

        I love your words and the time you take to so artfully craft them together. I love seeing you present in my Reader.

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      2. It’s easy to get lost when it feels so good to give yourself to helping others. You keep giving and giving and giving, never thinking of yourself and taking notice of the drain you are experiencing. Then it accumulates and overwhelms and incapacitates, leaving the helper questioning why they help so much in the first place. Perhaps even considering their helping to be a bad thing.

        But helping is never bad. The only thing that is off is the helper’s ability to factor the self into part of the list that needs tended to. But I believe that helper’s learn quickly how to set boundaries and help when and where they are really needed. Because ultimately a helper wants to help and are going to do so even when it is hard and possibly even causes them harm. And so it is in their best interest to learn to help wisely and not just waste their precious time and energy.

        Thank you for being there to share words with. It is always nice to have another kind heart to receive your words.

        Much love to your helping spirit. It takes

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      3. Thank you and I agree! My balance before was completely off, All I would do was help and give love and never get any in return. However bad my mental health is, I come across in person as being confident and in control. People therefore consider me strong to lean on even if I’m not.

        I’m more open now about I feel and to be honest I’ve ditched people who only took and never gave in return. Life has to be about give and take. It could be seen as brutal but it has helped my mental health.

        Sending love back to you 😊

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      4. I can totally understand cutting out toxic people. I think of them as energy leeches. I have lots of love and comfort to share with others, but the leeches will selfishly keep all my resources for themselves and never get better for all I offer.

        Cutting out toxic presences isn’t just good for you, it’s good for the others you’ll be able to help in the absence of the energy drain.

        Mental health is a lot to deal with but really it comes down to how much you can handle versus how much you force yourself to endure. The more forcing you do, the harder mental health is going to be.

        I find going with the flow and being led where the Universe directs keeps me in a positive mental landscape and free to embrace many new walks of life as I cross paths with so many. Hopefully you can find a similar sense of peace with your personhood.

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    1. I think Buddhism may also work here. Under Buddhist theories we are the cause of our own suffering so I guess the argument would be we caused the weakness and therefore we have the means to end it.

      Many thanks again for your comment 😊


      1. I agree. I studied Buddhism for a bit and must admit struggled with the whole suffering concept. You can see how the concept works in certain situations but not all.

        Thanks again for your comment 😊


      2. I am empathic like I think you are. Sometimes it feels like a curse as it’s easy to over emphasise and lose yourself. This really was what this section of my poem was about.

        I’m trying to bring some balance to this but it is a battle! 😊

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