Since I started this blog I have expressed myself more than I think I could in any other way.

The poetry has allowed me to express emotions that normally I would keep deep down. Expressing my thoughts on other subjects close to my heart such as mental health has helped me more than I could ever imagine.

With all my posts I feel like a weight is being lifted from my shoulders. I’ve always had a feeling that something was missing in my life. I could never put a finger on it and still can’t but I’m hoping my writings and all your wonderful support will help me find it.

Blessed Be.

Ps the picture is me.

32 thoughts on “Me

  1. I didn’t have anyone to help me validate for process emotions in a healthy way. In my family anger was met with anger, fear went unacknowledged.

    I learned how to suppress my pain deep inside, feeling invisible, ashamed, angry, alone and unable to ask for what I needed. My pain was so deep, I didn’t realize it was there until my son became a teenager. In my 30’s growing with anger and creeping depression–motivated to not only be the best parent I could be but to be the woman of God, God has called me to be, I began to deal with repressed emotions and emotional residue that left me suffering from anxiety, fear, headaches and insomnia.

    Blogging has helped me in ways too. I reveal my emotions in my posts, not that I carry on a rant but I allow readers to see what I feel or what I felt at the time and not just what I think about the things I post.

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  2. I’m so glad you’ve found the path so many of us have!

    I too share your experience of writing.

    There are only two people that I know in the real world who know I write here – no one else has a clue.

    I love how WP gives you the anonymity (should you chose it) to express how you feel in such a kind and supportive environment.

    Whether you continue posting or not, never ever stop writing. πŸ–€πŸ–€

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    1. It is so freeing. When I started I didn’t really know how positive it would be. Some of that is to getting thoughts and feelings down in writing but also the support and meeting like minded people is a wonder.

      Thank you 😊

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  3. Man needs to interact with man. Some will be critical of us – but most people will show us love and compassion. To bare your soul to others takes great courage. We all have problems and love from others can help us conquer the demons in our mind and soul. So glad you feel better and that your blog has helped you. God bless you and yours.

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  4. So wonderfully expressed… I feel much the same about writing and the healing it brings. Lovely to see your lovely face! Thanks for your kind support, and for your own poetry, and for this great post which helps us to get to know you better. Such a gift when a writer shares themselves this way. πŸ’›πŸŽ‰πŸŒ±βœ¨

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  5. Stuart, what a powerful beacon of light you are! Simple, authentic declarations of Truth like yours can (and do) move mountains, personally and throughout collective humanity. In my opinion, creative expression in its myriad forms is the golden elixir sought for by so many! Thank you for visiting my own oasis of expression here on WP. Love to you, Stuart; maintain your faith that the 2020 decade will bring the blessings you so richly deserve…

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