As my mental health gets worse, the more disrupted my sleep gets until I get to the point I can’t sleep, however, tired I am.

For me therefore my sleep pattern is an indication of my mental health. I think for others too it is the same and therefore keeping an eye on how well we are sleeping is important.

In the past when I used to have trouble sleeping I used to drink to help me sleep. This was a massive mistake as not only is any sleep you get from drinking large quantities of alcohol not restful sleep but more importantly it gets you into a dependency to need to drink to “sleep”. Alcohol also magnifies any mental health issues you are suffering from. So in my case it made my depression so much worse.

I think the message from my post is keep an eye on your sleeping pattern and if you are having trouble talk to a medical professional rather than try to self medicate the issue away.

Blessed Be.

19 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. Stay strong. Try hypnotherapy as it worked for me when I was in and out of hospital so much. The hynotherapist taught me to think of an item or place to be in then I zonked out in hospital. Hope it helps you. Rest well Stuart

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  2. Hi Stuart, how are you at the moment? Are you experiencing sleep problems now? If so, are you taking your own advice and seeing a doctor? In the summer I had terrible problems sleeping and I knew I was at risk so I asked my doctor for some mild tranquilizers and I was back to normal within a week. I know how tough it is when sleep goes atop. Wishing you all the best.. Ember

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    1. Hi Ember, my sleep is fine at the moment. I’m going through one of my good spells!

      I agree with what you are saying though and I do very much keep an eye on it. As sleep is one of my early signs that things may be getting worse.

      Thanks for your thoughts 😊


  3. Glad all is well with you, Stuart. BTW, I agree with Garfield Hugs about self hypnotherapy. I often use path meditations to get a really good night’s sleep. And I always read for at least 20 minutes, longer if possible, before I go to sleep.

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  4. A racing mind often kept me awake in the past. Then I would worry about not sleeping which made the problem worse. But alcohol and drugs are bad things to become dependent on. Even mild tranquilizers can be very addictive. I should know. I was given a prescription with no warning about the possibility of dependence and discovered only years later the horror of withdrawal. I’m not saying the right sedative isn’t sometimes helpful, just be very careful and ask questions! Garfield has a good suggestion. It’s a matter of finding what works for you as we are all different and if you try something only to find it doesn’t work, don’t fret about it, just look for something else. You will find it!

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  5. Thank you Stuart. I like to think about God’s heart for us concerning sleep, “When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.” Proverbs 3:4. It is so comforting to know that Father God cares about every aspect of our life. I pray His sweet sleep for you and all who are suffering with lack of sleep. Blessings ♥

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  6. Sleep is the only way to stay healthy. When I was diagnosed with MS I couldnt sleep and thoughtI was going crazy. Some very mild tablets from the doctors have allowed me to sleep every night and deal with the fear and realise that I can do anything with enough sleep. So I completely agree with your advise to ask the doc for help!

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