I suffer from OCD, depression and anxiety. The OCD is the order and checking kind not the cleaning type much to the annoyance of my family. The OCD I can work my life around even though it can be an inconvenience.

The depression comes and goes in phases. Sometimes it is relatively light others it is ferociously dark. With the depression though I know it will pass and the light will return. I just have to keep on telling myself that.

The anxiety is the worse in many ways as it is pretty random and can return at any time. Sometimes it comes on so I can’t get on a busy train or be alone at home. When it is at it’s worse my heart is pumping and I feel like I’m going to hyperventilate.

I have had all these issues for as many years as I can remember but it’s only over the last few years that I joined the dots and realised that I needed help with my mental health.

I’m not sure what message I am trying to get across with this post as it just came to me but I guess the point is don’t try to battle on alone but seek help if you think you need it.

Blessed Be.

29 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. Absolutely right. We should always seek help whenever needed. We are always here to help you whenever you need it. Don’t think you have to fight it alone.
    A very happy new year to you. Have a wonderful year ahead 🍁🍁

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  2. Thank you for sharing so openly. Every time someone is so brave, it lightens the burden for everyone. I also have the checking sort of OCD. I can’t go to bed until I have checked all the doors and windows. That I am stuck with, I think, but my anxiety almost completely disappeared after I finally found a wonderful person centered therapist. After two years of weekly meetings, it had almost completely gone. And the final vestiges disappeared after I switched to decaffeinated coffee. Percol tastes just as good and I don’t miss the caffeine. I still occasionally drink the real thing when I am out and about and that’s fine, and delicious! Oh, and I have also more or less completely disengaged from the news apart from reading the Guardian on Saturdays. That’s enough to keep in touch without letting it all worry me intensely.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. My anxiety is the one thing I still need to get to the bottom off. I’m sort of working through things in order even though they are connected.

      My depression which has caused some pretty dark stuff and two nervous breakdowns is the one I have focussed on first. Anxiety is next on my list!

      Thank you again for all your comments and wishing you the best for 2020. 😊

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  3. It seems that we’re in the same club with the trio of self torture. I’ve had them since I was a teenager and now at 60 they’re almost as bad as they were then. Knowing that I create them out of nothing and for no reason should help but I get too anxious and depressed to remember that. 😦

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  4. My mental health diagnosis is very similar to yours. In my younger days I found Cognitive Behavior Therapy helpful, especially for OCD. Exposure therapy helped with some aspects. Later on, with more life challenges, I started taking anti-depressants and tranquilizers. I have tried them all…and for me, less is more. Prozac with Xanax works best for me but everyone’s body chemistry is different.
    My psychiatrist is very keen on eating well and I do try to eat enough Omega oils – eggs, walnuts, flax seed. I rarely have more than one real coffee a day and I turn into a bad Gremlin with alcohol!
    My craziest OCD habit was to check that I hadn’t put something (or one) inside an envelope. I was the manager of a mental health project. Life is full of humor and irony.
    I am hoping 2020 will be calm for you, Stuart. K x

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    1. Thank you 😊 I’m working through various things also to find what works best for me me. It is trial and error to a certain extent I think.

      Many thanks for your thoughtful comment 😊

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      1. You are most welcome, Stuart. I suspect that DNA based medication might help in the future. I tried the new transcranial magnet treatment but it didn’t work for me because of an underlying neurological problem but it has good reviews with few side effects. Who knows what will be available in the future? Something to look forward to. K x

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      2. I suspect like most things there will be medical marvels in the treatment of mental health over the next 10 years or so. As it’s getting more prominence I hope there will be more research.

        Many thanks again 😊

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