Joe Part 1

The hero of our story is called Joe

And his sidekick is Minnie the Crow

Both are mischievous as you will soon know


Today they are at the park

Pretending that Mrs Miggins is doing a loud fart

Along comes the park warden

Whose name is Mr Gordon

With this Joe and Minnie run

But not before Minnie pecks Mr Gordonโ€™s bum


Now at the high street shops

Joe and Minnie try to buy some lager tops

The shopkeeper asked Joeโ€™s age

With which Joe gets in a rage

Minnie does what crows do

And did a massive poo


Joe and Minnie ran again

But found it had started to rain

They head to the cinema to see a movie

Which goes by the title of Groovy

As they had not enough money they try to sneak in

Which they managed which left Joe with a big grin


Once the movie was done

They thought they had better run

Our heroes left with a cheer as they didnโ€™t pay

And had avoided a horrible school-day

Once Joe got home

His Mum asked where he had been to roam


Joe denied it all

But his Mum was no fool

And with that Joe

Dinner had to forgo

And Minnie did what crows do

And did another massive poo

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