14 thoughts on “Tone

  1. So true. So succinctly expressed. Have you ever read The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N. Aaron? Great book. It really helped me to make sense of who I am and why things affect me so deeply. Your previous, really interesting poem, Wavelength (I love the metaphor) had already made me think of this. It’s true. We don’t all operate on the same wavelength and HSPs can experience a lot of distress because they are attuned to so many.

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    1. Thank you. I will have a look at this book. I really do feel that a lot of my mental health issues have come from my sensitivity. I seem to feel everyoneโ€™s pain apart from my own. You feel that you are being pulled in multiples different directions at the same time trying to help.

      Thank you again for your comment ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. Hi Stuart, what you have just written confirms my sense that you are almost certainly an HSP. Being one myself, I am good at spotting others. The book contains an overview of what it means to be an HSP and some very powerful exercises. Some are better undertaken with the support of a BACP therapist. I hope you find it vibrates on your wavelength! It is a wonderful book, being both supportive and illuminating. I think you will almost certainly find that your wonderful sensitivity is at the root of a lot of stuff. It certainly is for me. It brings gifts like poetry and art but also, as you have noticed, a lot of pain because HSPS are highly empathic. I hope I am not crossing any boundaries with this comment. If so, I am very sorry.

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    1. Of course you are not crossing any lines.

      Iโ€™m trying to be open to help myself and maybe others and all this helps me greatly.

      I will definately look at the book as Iโ€™m sure that this is a route cause of a lot of my issues. My therapist said as much when I was meeting with her.

      My poetry and writings help me off load a lot of things that are in my mind. They may come across as random ramblings, which they are!, but the thought comes to me, I write it down and itโ€™s gone. The weight is lifted!

      Thank you again itโ€™s so appreciated. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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      1. Thank you, Stuart for saying all that and being so open. I have about ten notebooks full of poetry from when I was working through everything. Of course, the process is never complete, nor would I ever wish the journey to end until, one day, of course, it must. And then, perhaps, a new one.

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