Peace is what I seek She is elusive Never quite within reach 🌑 Peace Why can you never be touched You go tantalising near Then drift way 🌑 Peace I look You hide 🌑 Peace My dearest friend But never close 🌑 Peace I will continue my search And will find

Why Is Society So Dominated By Alcohol?

I have a dangerous relationship with alcohol and have to steer completely away from it. Even one drink will start a series of events which would cause my life to go into free fall as once I start I can’t stop. As I avoid alcohol now and also circumstances which would put me in contactContinue reading “Why Is Society So Dominated By Alcohol?”

Cat At The Back Door

Pondering Winter chilled air Flowing into the house 🌑 Pondering Sniffing the air Nose twitching 🌑 Pondering House getting colder Someone’s shouts “shut that door” 🌑 Pondering Shall I or shan’t I? Nose twitches again 🌑 Pondering Looks around Sniffing still 🌑 Pondering Shall I or shan’t I? 🌑 Pondering Nah it’s too cold………

That’s the largest portion of chips I’ve had since 12th March 2018

Whenever I watch the news in the UK nowadays they always seem to feel that they have to make a relative comparison to a previous event. So everything is the “largest or smallest since”. They even do this when the previous event was only a short while ago. I’m not sure when this started toContinue reading “That’s the largest portion of chips I’ve had since 12th March 2018”

Compromise – Where art thou?

I’ve been watching the UK politicians start their general election battle on TV. A lot of the time they throw in the “ABC won’t compromise” by which they mean agree with their view. We saw a lot of this during the ongoing Brexit debates where parties were saying so and so won’t compromise but thereContinue reading “Compromise – Where art thou?”

Mental Health Awareness – Walk the Walk

My employer like many has increased the awareness of mental health issues in the workplace and has implemented measures to help staff who do suffer with mental health. All this is great but it does feel to me that many employers are talking the talk rather than walking the walk. My employer for example givesContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness – Walk the Walk”

I don’t need counselling I have good friends

You hear this quite a lot and you see people often posting this on Facebook. I may be in the minority here but whilst talking to friends is great I personally don’t think it replaces counselling. Friends will always have their own viewpoints and prejudices. They may subconsciously also try to steer you to aContinue reading “I don’t need counselling I have good friends”

Mental Health Awareness

I’ve been on WordPress now for a few weeks only and it is amazing how many are sharing their mental health experiences for the benefit of others. It is wonderful to see and reminds me of the good in this world. I myself have had my own experiences mainly around depression and alchohol abuse whichContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness”