Peace is what I seek She is elusive Never quite within reach πŸŒ‘ Peace Why can you never be touched You go tantalising near Then drift way πŸŒ‘ Peace I look You hide πŸŒ‘ Peace My dearest friend But never close πŸŒ‘ Peace I will continue my search And will find

Cat At The Back Door

Pondering Winter chilled air Flowing into the house πŸŒ‘ Pondering Sniffing the air Nose twitching πŸŒ‘ Pondering House getting colder Someone’s shouts β€œshut that door” πŸŒ‘ Pondering Shall I or shan’t I? Nose twitches again πŸŒ‘ Pondering Looks around Sniffing still πŸŒ‘ Pondering Shall I or shan’t I? πŸŒ‘ Pondering Nah it’s too cold………

Eerie Owl

Unseen eeriness Knowing eyes staring Watching Listening πŸ¦‰ Still as a rock Quiet as the moon Watching Listening πŸ¦‰ One blink Movement seen Gentle lift A leaf flutters πŸ¦‰ Eyes focussed Staring Watching Listening πŸ¦‰ The air oscillates The grass stirs Still watching Still listening πŸ¦‰ Razor sharp talons stretch Frantic movement seen A swoopContinue reading “Eerie Owl”