I don’t want to force it There will be times when the thoughts flow and others when it slows πŸŒ‘ There will be a time to put the metaphorical pen down If I’m gone for a while You will know why


A mountain We climb everyday A metaphysical mountain in our minds πŸŒ‘ Battles We fight everyday Against the darkness in our minds πŸŒ‘ Love We have everyday To give us strength πŸŒ‘ Hope We have at every moment For a better future πŸŒ‘ Life We have And it is precious


Sometimes I lose my mojo It’s as dead as a dodo Thankfully it bounces back like a yo-yo πŸŒ‘ Sometimes I feel like I’m losing my sanity Watching the lack of humanity Which leaves me with no option other than profanity πŸŒ‘ Sometimes I struggle and despair My mind being stuck in nowhere The resultContinue reading “Yo-Yo”

The Forest

Lost in a dark forest I am I’m not scared I feel safe, comforted At home πŸŒ‘ In the gloom Bright eerie eyes observing Protecting Watching over me πŸŒ‘ No path can be seen The moon is my guide Following her light I find my way


A calling I truly believe we all have Sometimes it is never found But it is there if we look hard enough πŸŒ‘ Well hidden maybe Evasive and oblique But there to be found πŸŒ‘ Mine I’m still trying to find


I’m different I think In a good way not bad πŸŒ‘ I’ve never been cool or tried to Never felt the need to be liked Never felt the need for company πŸŒ‘ People would probably call me weird or a geek πŸŒ‘ I’m a 48 year old man Who likes comic books Doesn’t really likeContinue reading “Weird”


People’s verbal tone Chills me to the bone πŸŒ‘ When the tone is unkind It affects our state of mind πŸŒ‘ There is no need for this And it shows a mental abyss πŸŒ‘ Words expressed kindly Shine much more brightly


We are all vulnerable We are all brave Vulnerable in our own ways Brave to overcome πŸŒ‘ Our strength comes from conviction Conviction comes from within Within us is hope Hope for the future we deserve πŸŒ‘ Our vulnerabilities add to who we With vulnerabilities come strength The strength to overcome


I think it’s my age Everyday I take a nap And I am joined by the cat πŸŒ‘ We snore together I dream of words I guess she dreams of birds πŸŒ‘ But together we snore Until she nibbled my toes And then I swore


Fate Who tosses the coin to discover the outcome πŸŒ‘ Fate Who balances out the Karma πŸŒ‘ Fate Who determines whether actions are good or bad πŸŒ‘ Fate Are we the drivers or just the passengers πŸŒ‘ Fate The drivers we are, following a map of our choosing Sometimes the destination is known Sometimes aContinue reading “Fate”


As I shut my eyes Your radiant visage is at the corner of my vision Your presence warms my soul Your hand guides my journey Your wisdom allows me to see the truth Your courage fortifies my own πŸŒ‘ I long to shut my eyes again So I can be in your company once more


Stuck Between the proverbial rock And the iconic hard place I am πŸŒ‘ Stuck Impotently trying to move Searching for an escape Maybe I’m not πŸŒ‘ Stuck A shimmering fissure appears Glorious bright light bursting through No I’m not πŸŒ‘ Stuck Hope and willpower drives me Squeezing through the narrow gap Salvation