I found out today that I have a health condition that I need to focus on. I’ve posted all my poems that I started and I’m going to take a break for a little while. Thanks all for your wonderful support and I hope to be back soon! Blessed Be Stuart


Since I started this blog I have expressed myself more than I think I could in any other way. The poetry has allowed me to express emotions that normally I would keep deep down. Expressing my thoughts on other subjects close to my heart such as mental health has helped me more than I couldContinue reading “Me”

Crime Is Getting Out of Hand In The UK

I thought nothing would shock me. But a crime has occurred at my place of work which reaches depths which I hoped I would never see in my lifetime. I’m not sure if there a sentence that the UK courts could give which would do justice to such a heinous crime… Someone has stolen theContinue reading “Crime Is Getting Out of Hand In The UK”

Treat Others As You Like To Be Treated Yourself

Treat others as you like to be treated yourself; this is pretty much the one principle that I try to run my life by. To me it sums up all the various rules, doctrines and principles that others prescribe. It also makes me be honest with myself. I feel it generally works as a lifeContinue reading “Treat Others As You Like To Be Treated Yourself”

Why Isn’t There A Humanity-Ism?

Capitalism, socialism, environmentalism and pretty much any “ism” you can think of nowadays are banded around a lot. What there doesn’t seem to be is a humanity-ism. The nearest one I guess is humanism but this means something different than care for all humanity. With all the conflict in the world it does feel timeContinue reading “Why Isn’t There A Humanity-Ism?”

Hypocrisy Hypocrisy You Are Full Of Duplicity

Is it just me or is hypocrisy everywhere nowadays. From celebrities jetting around the world to talk about climate change or promoting an equal society conveniently forgetting that their career is based on their famous mother or father rather than necessarily their talent. Or politicians preaching about all and sundry but not feeling that theContinue reading “Hypocrisy Hypocrisy You Are Full Of Duplicity”

That’s the largest portion of chips I’ve had since 12th March 2018

Whenever I watch the news in the UK nowadays they always seem to feel that they have to make a relative comparison to a previous event. So everything is the “largest or smallest since”. They even do this when the previous event was only a short while ago. I’m not sure when this started toContinue reading “That’s the largest portion of chips I’ve had since 12th March 2018”

Compromise – Where art thou?

I’ve been watching the UK politicians start their general election battle on TV. A lot of the time they throw in the “ABC won’t compromise” by which they mean agree with their view. We saw a lot of this during the ongoing Brexit debates where parties were saying so and so won’t compromise but thereContinue reading “Compromise – Where art thou?”