Dreams and phantasies

Imbue my mind

Dominate my thoughts


Captivating places are visited

Enchanting people are met

Fanciful situations arise


Dreams and phantasies

Where we can be free

Be whatever we wish to be


The hero of the story

The recipient of undying love

With an ending of ours to choose


Dreams and phantasies

A safe place for some

Just pleasure for others


The wonders of the mind

Unconstrained, fertile, limitless

A place to dream

Exclusion Bullying

My daughter is suffering from bullying at school at the moment. Itโ€™s not the overt bullying that you often see but the more subtle type by use of deliberate exclusion.

This post isnโ€™t about my daughter as we have spoken to the school and they are all over it.

My post really is about the fact that bullying can take many forms and itโ€™s not always direct or aggressive but it still has the same negative emotional effect.

The statistics in the UK show that if someone is bullied as a child or teenager they are twice as likely to use mental health services as an adult. Itโ€™s crucial therefore that all of us as parents or otherwise are alive to this and jump in if we see it.

I like to think that there is much more awareness of bullying now and the damage it can do, especially to children, but there is still a very long way to go to deal with this problem.

Say no to bullying.

Blessed Be.


As I look at the Christmas Tree

I remember many Christmas past

A time for reflection of what has been

And has been done, right or wrong


But today is a new dawn, a fresh start

The future is mine and yours to choose

The tree of hope can be climbed

The ocean of compassion can be swam


Past experience shapes me

But does not define me

I am and always will be what I choose to be

And so are you


It seems nowadays that a lot of people describe themselves by virtue of whatever group or tribe they feel most represents them. This for example could be a political descriptor such as capitalist/socialist or by virtue of their religion.

It feels in some way that the individual gets lost or the fact that we are all part of humanity.

When I look at the world it feels that these tribal grouping are the cause of a lot of the disharmony and conflict.

I guess itโ€™s part of human nature to be part of a tribe but you see on other social media platforms such as twitter and facebook that these tribal groups become a forum for reinforcing similar views. Because of the reinforcing nature of these the ability to be open minded and listen to otherโ€™s perspectives gets lost.

I think the key thing is that we are all unique individuals but part of the real tribe that matters, humanity.

Blessed Be.

Why Oh Why

Whilst I was looking through various posts on WordPress I came across one where someone was moaning about all the people talking about their mental health illnesses.

The gist of his argument was that not all mental health illnesses are equal in severity and therefore the ones he considered โ€œless severeโ€ should not be talked about on here.

I have to say I was frankly disturbed by his views and positioning. Itโ€™s not for anyone else to say whether someoneโ€™s illness be it mental or physical is worthy of comment.

This is hypocritical of me (as Iโ€™ve published this post) but I also canโ€™t see why someone posts something degenerating what others post.

In the case of mental health the more of us that are open about it and freely discuss it the better. Not only does it help reduce the stigma, it also allows us to help each other and make it known that we are not alone.

Blessed Be.


My faith is my heart

My courage comes from my faith


My belief is my knowledge

My path follows my belief


My sanity comes from peace

Peace is found in my heart


My spirit is my aura

My aura is found in my faith


My values are my own

Derived from my path


I am all of these

And maybe something more

My Nocturnal Friend

My nocturnal friend

How you see what is invisible to me

How you hear what is silent to me

My guide through the dark

To sidestep the pitfalls that lie in my path


My nocturnal friend

How you see the truth that is hidden from me

How you know that which is unknown to me

My lexicon of wisdom

To find the trail to the path true


My nocturnal friend

A Big High Five

Thank you for all your kind support on my posts especially the ones on mental health.

Iโ€™ve been there and got the badge and Iโ€™m just trying to do my little bit to help spread the message that mental health illness is normal and that there should be no stigma around it.

Anyway from me a big high five to you!

Blessed Be.

Here We Go Again

โ€œHere we go againโ€

The last time I suffered with severe depression I remember that every morning I woke up and sat on my bed with my hands in my head and said the words โ€œhere we go againโ€. I then got ready and headed to work.

This wasnโ€™t just the usual I really donโ€™t wonโ€™t to go to work feeling which if Iโ€™m honest I get every day. This was fighting against a dark unseen enemy who was doing all they could to beat me down.

Everyday I went into battle with that enemy, won the skirmish and got through another day.

What I didnโ€™t realise was that each battle was weakening me a bit more, drawing me deeper into the dark pit below.

Itโ€™s sometimes a slow spiral to get into a very bad place with depression and the earlier we recognise the signs to get help the better.

I think for all of us the signs are different but for me it was โ€œhere we go againโ€. I now try to avoid that and the need for the daily skirmish.

This is just my experience and maybe it will be of help to someone.

Blessed Be.



Suffocating darkness enveloped me



There was no future, no hope



The end was near



Love saved me



There will be no thrice

Have You Been Good This Year?

As we are in the final stages of the UK general election I am watching the debacle with disdain and laughter in equal measure.

The parties published their manifestos a few weeks back but now in desperation are throwing a few extra goodies to the electorate in a desperate bid to win power.

I wouldnโ€™t be surprised if next they say they have entered into a festive agreement with Father Christmas and he will bring extra prezzies this year if you vote for them……

This election more than most does seem to basically be a case of who will bribe the electorate more.

Itโ€™s not so much have you been good this year but which of the heffalump promises are believed…..

Blessed Be.

Suffering In Silence

I like many who have suffered with mental health illness kept it to myself – it was my hidden secret.

On the outside I was my normal self but on the inside I was in a very dark place. I felt the need, however, to carry it myself and not be a burden on anyone else. I guess also that there was a part of me which didnโ€™t want to be seen as weak.

I now see this was a terrible mistake and contributed to my downhill spirals. It doesnโ€™t matter how strong you are, mental health illness is something that we all need help with.

There is no shame in having a mental health illness. If I had my time again I would have been more open about it and asked for help earlier.

I guess that is the key message from my post, please donโ€™t hide it and ask for help.

Blessed Be.


Does anyone else find it difficult to think and find a place to think? My head is always a whirlwind of thoughts and I use this blog partly as a way to get them out of my head.

Consequently my poor suffering followers get a random stream of thoughts and poems which appear in my head.

With all the inputs in life it feels a challenge sometimes just to find solitude to think and get your head around things.

Does anyone else find this?

Blessed Be.

Secret Santa

Watching the UK news today there is a town in the UK where someone is leaving secret Santa gifts for strangers to find.

This is causing others to do the same.

What a fantastic idea and it is creating so much goodwill which is spreading. Whoever is doing this is so kind hearted and a genius.

These are the sort of items that should be covered more in the news in my opinion. Generally, in the UK at least, the news focusses on doom and gloom stories rather than those which show the positive side of society.

Blessed Be.

The Lion

Where did all go wrong?

Disagreements a pastime

Antagonism a belief

Apathy a life choice


Extremism on the rise

Tensions increasing

The world slowly dying

Metaphorical fires aplenty


The quiet majority

Decent, honest, caring


Trying to be heard over the bedlam


Their roar needs to be heard

Their heart needs to lead

Their courage needs to hold

Their strength and conviction is needed


The quiet majority

Our hope

My hope


The lion with a big heart must roar

Treat Others As You Like To Be Treated Yourself

Treat others as you like to be treated yourself; this is pretty much the one principle that I try to run my life by.

To me it sums up all the various rules, doctrines and principles that others prescribe. It also makes me be honest with myself.

I feel it generally works as a life rule except I guess if you are a masochist or some such and then it has flaws!

I havenโ€™t really much more to say on this post as I think the above says enough. I try to follow this but Iโ€™m no saint by any stretch of the imagination and I do fail. This though is my simple philosophy for life.

Blessed Be.

Mother Nature



The habitat of our planet


Life giving


Our home to be cherished


Without it we would be gone

Without it there is no future

Without it we are lost


Why do we neglect so much

Why donโ€™t we respect

Climate change


Ocean pollution


Why do we allow species to no longer exist


Northern White Rhino



The birds, where have they gone?

The life sustaining work of the bees, threatened

The beautiful sight of butterflies, less common


Mother Nature is our family

Love her as we love ourselves

She nurtures us

Nurture and protect her


She is our life

Our present

Our future

She is precious

She is irreplaceable


I was bullied at school. That was until I had a growth spurt and was bigger than the bullies. Iโ€™m now 6โ€5 and was 6โ€ around 15.

You see bullies in all walks of life; at school, at work, just going about your day to day business.

I have no time for bullies and as Iโ€™ve got older will not put up with bullying behaviour. If I see it I will try to intervene

A few things about bullies I have noticed.

One, they will only bully people they perceive to be weaker than them. This is a particularly cowardly trait.

Two, if you challenge them on their behaviour they canโ€™t see that they are bullying. If you go further and ask how they would feel if someone treated them this way they seem confused.

Three, bullying can cause mental health illness in the recipient. This is particularly the case when children bully each other. I have also seen this happen in the work environment.

Iโ€™m not sure where I am going with this post as I seem to be stating the obvious above but I guess my point is we all need to say no to bullying as the image states.

Blessed Be.

Acts Of Kindness

Whenever I see someone who is vision impaired I will ask them if they need help. In the main they say they are fine and I move on.

What I do notice, however, is how many people see the individual but then put their head down as if they didnโ€™t notice.

You see something similar on the train where a lady who is pregnant gets on or someone who clearly has a physical injury and people donโ€™t offer their seat.

In my view itโ€™s these small acts of kindness that can make a difference to the world and maybe help brighten someoneโ€™s day.

The population of the earth is circa 7.7 billion. I like to believe if there are 7.7 billion small acts of kindness on a daily basis the world may be a slightly better place.

Blessed Be.

Thank You

A shout out to the people

Who inspire me the most

There arenโ€™t celebrities or sports stars

But you as you try your utmost


To observe as challenges overcome

With strength and willpower pure

Is a wonder to me

And helps me find my own personal cure


The support that is given freely

Gives hope that society

And WordPress particular

Is a force for good and helps ease my anxiety


So just a final few words from me

A big thank you

You are my inspiration

And Blessed Be

Mental Health Shout Out

I follow quite a few blogs where people are open and honest about mental health illnesses there are suffering with or have in the past.

I suffer from my own issues and know how difficult it can be to talk about this. The recognition of mental health illnesses has increased in society but it will take time for the stigma to completely disappear.

All these blogs talking about this on a personal level are an inspiration to me and I thank everyone who does.

They are a great help to me and help us get the message out that mental health illness should be considered and treated on an equal basis with physical ailments.

There is still some way to go but I thank everyone for their openness and honesty.

Blessed Be.

The Glacier

What a wonder she is

Silently following her course

A goddess in white

A glistening blue sapphire


She is ageless, graceful

Calm yet powerful

A force of nature


She glistens in the midday sun

As bright stars in a cloudless night

A sparkling diamond in a special ring


She is a phenomenon

She is an enigma

She is threatened

She should be protected

The Maze

There is no one path

Each junction leads to another

In the maze of life


We are searching for the centre

In our quest to find our destination


There are many missed turns and dead ends in the journey

But the paths will be followed

Until the centre of the maze is found


I suspect this is a controversial subject but Iโ€™ll just put it from my viewpoint.

There are a multitudes of faiths. I personally have no issue with whatever faith people choose to follow. I think the key thing is that people have faith in something rather than the precise โ€œwhat it isโ€.

I struggle with the concept when people say โ€œmy god is right and yours is wrongโ€.

Ultimately from the faiths I have studied over the years they have the same underlying message which is compassion in one form or another and this is what we should celebrate rather than focus on the differences.

I know people have strong feelings on this subject but this is just my view.

Blessed Be.


Frantic flapping in the bustling wind

Feathers oscillating high above the earth below

Fleeting glances this way and that

Amongst barren land the scout for food is on the go


She changes direction back and forth

For her and her young nourishment is desperately sought


She has been away far too long

Fighting against the winds strong


Then she spots what she seeks

She can now return to her young hidden amongst the creek

Why Isnโ€™t There A Humanity-Ism?

Capitalism, socialism, environmentalism and pretty much any โ€œismโ€ you can think of nowadays are banded around a lot.

What there doesnโ€™t seem to be is a humanity-ism. The nearest one I guess is humanism but this means something different than care for all humanity.

With all the conflict in the world it does feel time for such a word and movement to exist.

Why isnโ€™t there a humanity-ism?

Blessed Be.

Hypocrisy Hypocrisy You Are Full Of Duplicity

Is it just me or is hypocrisy everywhere nowadays.

From celebrities jetting around the world to talk about climate change or promoting an equal society conveniently forgetting that their career is based on their famous mother or father rather than necessarily their talent.

Or politicians preaching about all and sundry but not feeling that the same rules should apply to them. Itโ€™s the โ€œordinaryโ€ people that the rules should apply to. You can trust us they say.

Or employers, as I have said before, promoting their care for the mental health of their employees at the same time as pushing them to breaking point.

Hypocrisy hypocrisy you are full of duplicity

Blessed Be.

The Nomad

The dusty trail the nomad walks

Beyond voluptuous valleys

Across fields of sun burnt pastures

The chaotic world left behind


With no one in sight

He walks without sound or murmur

In quiet contemplation of that he has left

And of the future unknown


With each step of his worn boots

The weight lifts from his past left behind

The burden of his pack easier to manage


He carries all the worldly possessions he needs

His life, his beliefs, his future

In his tattered overladen backpack


Storms, winds, burning days he has faced

His face weather beaten

His clothes threadbare

But his heart is joyous and light


When he started his journey he had no idea where it would lead

He has accepted it has no end

That is the life of the Nomad


Which way?

North, South, East, West


Itโ€™s difficult to locate the path

Which will give me contentment and rest


Meandering from here to there, lost In the menagerie

Hoping my compass is true and will guide me to my destiny


My honest companion, navigate my travels to the end

The journey will be long and arduous probably more than I can contend


I have the will and strength to follow this well worn track

The past is the past and I will not look back


I have had troubles more than I care to recall

By luck and love on each occasion I have just managed to avoid my downfall


I will take the journey step by step until my destination is in sight

And then I will see the glorious blazing light


This really is a question rather than a blog.

All people who surround me seem to be negative apart from my daughter. My daughter only sees the happy side of me and refers to me as always being cheerful as that is what I project irrespective of how I feel inside.

I am desperately trying to look on the positive side of life but feel I get constantly knocked back by people around me.

Does anyone else find this?

Thanks and Blessed Be.


I try my best

But itโ€™s never enough




I put on myself


Why do I criticise myself so much

I always fail

In my mind


Am I a perfectionist


Always looking for fault

In all I do


Why do I treat myself this way

There is no love for me


Why canโ€™t I see myself as others do

They see a man they like


I donโ€™t see that man


That man is there

Hidden from me


Iโ€™m on a journey

To find him

My Guide

I am not where I am

Or even here


I feel on the outside of myself

Looking in

A bystander to my life


My thoughts




Iโ€™m a ghost


Lost in the forest dark

Trying to feel my way


A hoot

I sense my guide

A majestic flutter close

All seeing eyes observed


As you near

Clarity starts to return

As wisdom shared


Bless you

My counsel


Weight of the world

On my sloping shoulders


Your problems are mine

Mine are my own

Canโ€™t we share this burdensome load

Just for a while



Normally I can



The luggage becomes too much

Weight overwhelming


Can you hold the load

Support it just for a while

Give a little release

From the excruciating pressure


Canโ€™t we share

So my challenges are yours

And yours are mine


I am torn

My troika

How can one of me

Divide into three


Unbearable choice

Painful loss


Tear myself apart


How do I break free

From this impossible conundrum

The operose triangulation

Of life


How can one of me

Divide into three


The news today is saying that the number of times that individuals have been sectioned by the police in the UK under the Mental Health Act has increased by 20% this year.

I have been sectioned by the police as I was considered a danger to myself. The police I have to say were fantastic but I was confused and I didnโ€™t understand what was going on as I was locked in the back of a police car. I remember phoning relatives saying I had been arrested and I didnโ€™t know where I was being taken.

I was fortunate to be taken to a psychiatric hospital near my home.

As mentioned the police were fantastic in my case but they are being asked to do a job that they arenโ€™t really trained for or resourced to do.

The UK is in the midst of a mental health crisis as adequate resources do not exist to help people.

It really is time for the words from politicians and employers to put into action.

Blessed Be.

Fact or Fiction

A big item that keeps on getting discussed in the UK general election is misleading โ€œfactsโ€ being quoted by politicians.

The TV presenters seem to be getting over excited about questionable facts being used by the political parties on social media.

The TV presenters donโ€™t seem to look at themselves when they allow various politicians on their show sprout facts and figures which they donโ€™t challenge.

The double standard seems oblivious to them.

In any event the general public now seems sceptical of anything politicians say as they have been found to mislead and break their promises on so many occasions.

I personally believe in unicorns more than anything politicians say.

Blessed Be.

The Mirror

I look in the mirror

I see a face I donโ€™t recognise

Older, greyer

Than I remember


That canโ€™t be me

That old man

My heart is still young

Although life worn


That face shows the scars

Of a thousand battles

Skirmishes of worry

Melees of anxiety

With wounds unseen


Cavernous valleys cross that face

With patches of white parchment

Hair that once was blond

Now speckled though


Then I see

The twinkle in the eye

And I recognise

Yes, itโ€™s me.

The Shrug

The deafening silence offends my ears

Why no apology

No explanation

No anything

Just a seethe of discord


How can you not see

What has been done

Oblivious unknowing eyes

Blinking at me


Each second goes by

In a vacuum of pressure

Confusion permeates my mind


My occasional companions


And sanity

Start to drift away


I plead

Come back my friends

Donโ€™t go

Not now

My cloaks of tranquility


As the darkness starts to fall

The cloaks of tranquility

Long lost

The long awaited reaction comes


The shrug

The Flood

I alluded to this, the boy who dreamed in my poem was me.

When I was a child I lived in a fantasy world inside my mind. I have only recently remembered this as memories from my childhood were blocked.

During a recent long period of therapy my counsellor was teasing out the underlying cause for some of my mental health issues and my childhood memories started flooding back.

I talked to my sister about these as bizarrely we had never discussed it. I found during these chats that my sister had similar mental health symptoms to me albeit luckily she didnโ€™t have the propensity to spectacularly blow up like I did.

I have taken two things from this.

Firstly, it has reinforced to me how important a childโ€™s formative years are. They are not only growing physically and mentally but emotionally as well. All children need love and care to foster all their wellbeing.

Secondly, itโ€™s good to talk. I do wonder if my sister and I had talked earlier whether things would have been different. This was a lesson for me, so now I talk!

Blessed Be.


What am I?

A husband

A father

A friend

A work colleague

An artist


Iโ€™m a kaleidoscope of many things

None shine brightly

The whole is a dull shimmering light

With occasional flares of colour


Iโ€™m a chameleon for many

I am what you want

Different for each person

But that is not me


I am the kaleidoscope of many things

Whatever Happened To The Boy Who Dreamed?

This is not what he saw

When he was young

A mere boy with dreams to be fulfilled

Boundless options

Endless possibilities

Or so the boy believed


Whatever happened to that boy

Who lived in a world inside his mind

A place where he could be

Whatever he wished to be

Here he was safe

Cushioned from reality


The boy

The dreamer

The artist

The sportsman

But mostly

The endless dreamer


Where did the boy go

Did he became lost in the jungle of life

Or the suffocating ocean of pressure

Or the endless desert of responsibility

Maybe all three


I like to think that the boy

Has found his safe place again

And has time to make a dream


Whatever happened to the boy who dreamed?

Be Careful What You Wish For

In the UK general election all the parties seem to more or less promote one of four positions. Remain, another referendum, the negotiated deal or a hard Brexit.

At the same time they have manifestos setting out their other โ€œpromisesโ€

As we know that Brexit will be one reason, if not the primary one, that people vote for a particular party there is a real danger that people will vote for a party whose underling political and social objectives do not equate with their own.

Assuming a party does win a clear majority they will say their manifesto has the backing of the country even though for many who voted it may have been just a one issue vote.

I think this happens in all general elections to a certain extent but in this one with Brexit it seems much more extreme.

Iโ€™m not sure what the answer to this is or even if there is one but it does feel like the UK is in for one heck of a ride.

Be careful what you wish for.

Blessed Be.

Dead End? Really?

It feels often that life takes you to dead end where there is nowhere to go. If you look hard enough sometimes though you can find a hidden secret door.

Other times unfortunately there is no option but to backtrack.

This blog has been like the secret door for me. I felt I was at a dead end before I started writing it. The blog allows me to express myself as I am.

As my blog has been going for nearly a month I would like to thank everyone who has followed, liked or commented on my posts. The encouragement is appreciated so much.

To use a cliche I feel like I am on a journey. Iโ€™m hoping the journey has a long way to go and Iโ€™m loving that you are all with me.

Keep looking for the secret door hidden at the dead end. You never know it may be there.

Blessed Be.